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I Got Fired from My Minimum-Wage Job and
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And Within Nine Months Bought 11 More:
No Cash, No Credit, No Job


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YOU CAN BUY YOUR DREAM HOUSE WITH NO MONEY DOWN!!! YES IT'S TRUE! Hello, my name is John Abbott and I've studied the "secrets" of the real estate millionaires. I've spent thousands of dollars in books, tapes, courses, and in seminars. People like Mark Haroldsen, Robert Allen, Tom Vu, Dave Deldotto, and more. I've met and talked with these gentlemen (and others) and LEARNED TO APPLY THEIR "SECRETS!"

I bought my FIRST house with NO CASH, NO CREDIT, and NO JOB! Honestly, I did! Then I went on to buy 11 more the same way in about a 9 month period of time! AND NOW YOU CAN DO THE SAME THING! Whether you want a dozen houses or JUST ONE, I can teach you the "secrets" I learned to buy with NO MONEY, NO CREDIT, and even NO JOB!

Most people would agree that buying a house after getting fired from a low-paying job is just plain dumb. But real estate expert John Abbott's life proves otherwise.

John contends that anyone can take control of their financial future by following his tried and true method. John will reveal to you:

  • How he bought 11 additional homes within nine months without cash, credit, or a job, and made enough money to change his life and pursue his dreams!
  • The ins and outs of starting with nothing to own income-producing real estate.
  • The secret of making money when interest rates are high, low or in between.
  • How and why the government turned him down for programs that were supposed to help, and how he persevered despite this.
  • That your fears of investing are preventing you from earning cold, hard cash -- right now!

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John Abbott

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